EBSCO, Mango Languages, and World Book Updates

EBSCO’s Points of View blog is doing a great job of relating current events with articles & information, encouraging new dialogues and providing tools to begin conversations and debates.


Mango Languages is holding their Mango Star awards, encouraging libraries to produce videos about what may make Mango special. The top entries will receive a donation to the library. Mango is hugely into creative or quirky interpretations, so don’t hold back!


Mango also has a couple video promos for their services, potentially to play on library computers when not in use.  They are also available as a video file instead of Youtube. Leave a comment or email us if your organization would be interested in this service and AskRI will set you up.


World Book Web has embeddable search widgets for each of their databases. The fact that they all provide a different focus is perfect for more specialized websites, or pages within websites.