Full launch of the updated LearningExpress on Nov. 1

October 31st will be the last day to switch over from the previous of LearningExpress to the updated LearningExpress Library 3(also known as LEL 3).  Some of the features that the updated interface includes are the introduction of Learning Centers which reorganize subjects for easier navigation, an improved search function, software tutorials, and a full index of available courses and resources.  Accounts made on the previous version of LearningExpress will not transfer over to LEL 3, so we encourage patrons to finish up their coursework and then create a new account.  For libraries that offer a direct link to LearningExpress, we highly recommend that the link is updated to the following: http://www.learningexpresshub.com/learningexpresslibrary?AuthToken=26403615-084C-4C62-8226-09A5BD9435EA The current link will not be functional following the full switch to LEL 3 on November 1st.