Introducing Biography Reference Center!


We would like to take a moment to provide you with some points of interest about Biography Reference Center™, a valuable online research tool now available to our member libraries from EBSCO. Biography Reference Center offers many top-ranked biographical reference collections and magazines including more than 436,000 full-text biographies and thousands of unique narrative biographies.

Available in its own dedicated interface, Biography Reference Center provides superior coverage for several of the most popular and heavily researched biographies and genres. In addition to keyword searching, you can locate biographies of interest by browsing key categories, including occupation, nationality, publication, and more than 30 genre categories including actors, artists, authors, current world leaders, explorers, and scientists.

Biography Reference Center replaces the recently discontinued Biography Collection Complete and is available to consortium members and their patrons.

For access to Biography Reference Center, click on the EBSCOHost button on our homepage.

To link to Biography Reference Center on your school or library site, please use this link (accompanying graphics can be found on the EBSCO Explained page at,geo,cpid&geocustid=ns145344&custid=ns145344&profile=brc

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have regarding Biography Reference Center.

Be prepared for January!

In January, Explora will replace Searchasaurus, Kids Search and Student Research Center. The three new interfaces Schools – Explora for Primary Schools, Explora for Secondary Schools and Explora for Public Schools – use the same great EBSCO databases you’ve come to enjoy, just displayed in a new and improved interface.

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