Post-RILA Rundown post

Earlier this week the AskRI crew attended the annual Rhode Island Library Association’s conference at Salve Regina University in Newport. For two action packed days, our librarians showed off the new features of AskRI and our databases; palled around with reps from Mango Languages, World Book Web, EBSCO,, LearningExpress, and HeritageQuest; and learned about other exciting things going on around Rhode Island libraries. Here are some of the ways RILA 2013 left an impression on us:

On the best giveaways imaginable:

I got a hand woven Beatrix Potter bookmark from the Beatrix Potter Society! Also I got a fancy pen and lots of candy and a cool Mango water bottle and lots of snacks for later that I squirreled away from the snack areas.”

On the misleading supply of ice cream:

“How dare you try pass yourself off as mint ice cream! Pistachio ice cream is a liar, sir.”

On conference wardrobe troubleshooting:

I will not wear high heels next year.”

Along with the updates to our databases, of which there are plenty (see THIS blog post), there were new developments that are also very exciting:

I’m really excited about getting more work done on the Geek the Library campaign and also for the Tattooed Librarians of Rhode Island calendar. I’m also really excited to get more involved in the Intellectual Freedom Committee after attending a really cool presentation on Open Access and the tragedy/legacy of Aaron Swartz.”

Geek the Library at RILA 2013
Geeking out at RILA 2013

Impressive and cool stuff happening all around.