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Question 5


Good morning. This is the final question in the Fall Scavenger Hunt!

The Polar Express is a popular children’s book that is set during the holiday season. It was written and illustrated by a Rhode Island resident.

  1. Using the NoveList database, look up the book title “The Polar Express” and click through to the entry for the book.
    1. Find the name of the author. Please tell us the author’s name.
    2. Find the tab labeled “Lists & Articles”. Click through to the “Lists & Articles” page. Find the article about the Caldecott Award. Please tell us what the Caldecott Award is and who won the Caldecott Award in 2017 (title of the book and name of the author).
  2. Finally, please go to and navigate to the Explora For Primary School database. Using the search bar look up the author of “The Polar Express”.
    1. On the search results page, limit your search results to “Biographies” – Hint: Use the source type filters on the sidebar. Please send us the link to the author’s biography by using the “share” button near the top page and copying the link to the article (the permalink).

Please send us the your answers by next Monday, 12.11.17.

Finally, last week we asked you to look find the name of the Rhode Island State Bird, The Rhode Island Red. We also asked your team to make a drawing of the bird.

Below is a gallery of some of the drawings that were sent to us. We really enjoyed receieving them. Thanks for sending them in!

Question 4


What is the Rhode Island state bird? Please tell us the name of the bird, the breed, and what year the bird was named the state bird of Rhode Island.
We would also like your team to make a drawing of the bird and send it to us. We may feature some of the drawings on this page and on our Facebook account.

Suggested resource: World Book Student

Question 3


Since this week is shortened due to the Thanksgiving holiday we will extend the deadline for answers to Tuesday, 11/28, by the end of the day.

Given that Thanksgiving is this Thursday, we want your team to do a little research and find books about Thanksgiving. To do this you will need to use NoveList, a database of books that can be searched using Keywords, Title, Author, Series. You can also search for books by type, such as, books that are funny, books that are scary, books that are fast-paced.

Using NoveList please find:

  1. A book about Thanksgiving that is funny.
  2. A book about Thanksgiving that has cartoony illustrations.
  3. A book about Thanksgiving that takes place in Plymouth, MA.

Please tell us the title and author of each book you find.

Hint: In addition to using the search bar try also refining your search results using the options on the left side of the results page. Try refining your results by illustration, tone, location, etc…

NoveList search results page
The search refinement options are to the left of the search results.
NoveList search refinement opitions, close-up
The search refinement options allow you to refine your search results by tone, illustration style, location, pace.

Question 2


Thanks for everyone who submitted your answers for week one. Here is your question for week two.

Rhode Island musician George M. Cohan

George M. Cohan was a well known entertainer and songwriter from Rhode Island.

This week we would like you to find some information about George M. Cohan.

  1. Using Biography Reference Center please look up George M. Cohan and tell us where he was born and what year.
  2. Using Explora Primary School database please find an article on George M. Cohan. Tell us at least two songs he wrote.

You can find Biography Reference Center by visiting the home page of this site and scrolling to the bottom. You will find the link in the last row, to the left.

You can find Explora Primary School by selecting Explora for Schools and Libraries.

You have until Sunday, 11.19 at midnight to send us your answer. Good Luck!

Question 1


Mango Languages allows you to learn how to say new things in different languages (72 languages). One of the languages you can learn is Pirate.

To kick off this scavenger hunt we would like to know how to say two key phrases any scavenging, scallywag Pirate should know.

  1. “Oh my gosh! My ship is not moving!”
  2. “Oh my gosh! My ship is sinking!”

To do this please visit and, on the front screen, select Mango Languages.

You do not need to sign-in to find the answer to this question. You can answer this question by selecting “Guest Access” to the right of the sign-in form.

Select Languages from the sidebar, then select all languages. In the list of languages find Pirate.

Mango Languages - Languages page
Select the grid of squares on the sidebar to access languages. Select all languages to find Pirate.

We think you’ll find the answer to our question in the first lesson.

Once your team has the answer please send it to, or send it to us via facebook messenger.

Please include your team name (if you have one) and the name of the person (the teacher or librarian) who registered your team.

You have until Sunday, 11.12 at midnight to send us your answer. Good Luck!