World Book Explained

  World Book Explained

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World Book has several areas included in its databases. There is World Book Web for Schools, three World Book specialty databases, World Book Classroom and World Book Digital Libraries. World Book provides a search and advanced search functions to assist in finding encyclopedic articles as well as additional links within each article offering primary sources, related magazine articles, special reports and websites that may be of interest on any topic. All World Book databases allow patrons to print, view documents and articles in PDF format, email articles, change font sizes, save (must create an account and log in), and options to read portions of an article aloud or to translate it into different languages.

  World Book Web for School 

All the school databases provide similar information to the student and researcher; the language and layout are geared toward each specific age group.

World Book Early World of LearningWorld Book Early World of Learning Icon Join Trek on his travels all around the world, learn with reading, games and more at World Book’s Early World of Learning!

World Book KidsWorld Book Kids Icon Includes content and tools developed specifically for younger students.

World Book StudentWorld Book Student Icon The mainstay for any school library’s research needs with thousands of articles and extensive multimedia to help engage students.

World Book AdvancedWorld Book Advanced Icon Gauged for high school and college students, but an all purpose encyclopedia for anyone to look through.


  World Book Specialty Databases 

World Book DiscoverWorld Book Discover Icon An instruction site for individuals with reading levels below grade level.

Enciclopedia Estudiantil HallazgosWorld Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos Icon A media-rich, interactive, informational database in Spanish.

Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaWorld Book Gran Enciclopedia Hispanica Icon A comprehensive encyclopedia in Spanish.


  World Book Classroom 

World Book Classroom is another database containing Dramatic Learning and Early World of Learning, which extends traditional class work.

World Book Dramatic LearningWorld Book Dramatic Learning Icon The plays on this site have been written to work in concert with accompanying lesson plans tied to state achievement benchmarks. They function as a catalyst to engage students in the adventure of learning, encouraging them to pursue further research and exploration long after their classroom experience is over.

TimelinesWorld Book Timelines Icon The Timelines feature allows learners to view timelines focusing on world history, geographic regions, people, the arts, and more. Learners can also build their own timelines, helping to give historical events more context.

eBooksWorld Book eBooks Icon World Book’s eBook collection includes highly illustrated, engaging titles that support a span of curriculum areas and reading levels.

Suggest one of World Book’s databases to teachers looking for lesson plans, students needing help on a variety of topics or curious patrons. They’re sure to find something appropriate to their needs and of interest!