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Novelist Readers’ advisory tool provides access to information on 155,000 fiction titles and a wide range of feature content to enable library staff to serve fiction readers of all ages. Includes author read-alikes, book discussion guides, reading lists and more.

Appeal terms are a signature feature of NoveList, and since their introduction in 2010 they have been helping readers find books based on style and mood. Our appeal terms help you and your readers hone in on exactly what kind of book they are in the mood for.

Themes are popular and recurring plot elements found in fiction books. Themes frame a story without completely defining “what happens.” For example, you can find literary fiction books on the theme “fish out of water,” books on the Romance theme “opposites attract,” or books on how to “mind your manners” for young kids. Themes will help you and your readers find just the stories they are looking for. Also, use our genres to guide your readers deeper into their favorite genre or to help them try something new.

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