New Films on Mango Premiere

Mango Premiere, Mango’s film-based learning project, released 9 new films for a new total of 16 available. Learners can now practice Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and English for Spanish speakers. This is the biggest expansion of Premiere to date, and it will only continue to grow!

Corpro Celeste Poster
‘Copro Celeste’ is one of the new films from Mango Premiere, geared towards learners of Italian.

3 new films from Mango Premiere!

Mango Languages has added three new films to its Mango Premiere catalog. Little Big Soldier and Ocean Heaven are now available for learners of Mandarin Chinese, and Around a Small Mountain is up for learners of French. Mango plans to keep expanding the Premiere section to over 20 films by the beginning of 2014.

Little Big Soldier Poster

Mango Connect

Mango has just announced that on January 15th, they will be launching an updated interface and new features to compliment what they already offer. Mango Connect, as it is called, will offer course placement tests to start users off in the right spot, 20 full length films on Mango Premiere, as well as their visual redesign. Mango is also consolidating their Mango Basic and Mango Complete 2.0 into Mango Conversations, and phasing out Mango Complete 1.0. Their placement tests help users find where to begin their work with Mango. Head over to the Mango Blog for a more detailed look into what Mango Connect offers.

Mango Connect Screenshot

Mango Premiere now available!

Mango Premiere, the long awaited feature of movie learning through film, currently has 4 films available, for learners of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish speaking learners of English. They can be found on the ‘Courses’ page, under ‘Language Learning through Film.’ Mango Premiere gives the viewer total control to break down scenes and subtitles, combining both spoken and written learning. It also brings in cultural notes and quizzes for an in-depth look at the language in the film.

World Book, EBSCO, and Mango Languages updates

First off, World Book Web has updated the interface on their homepage, rearranging their lists into a grid of icons. All of the databases are still there, but the site itself is now easier to navigate from a mobile device and has a more engaging design.

EBSCO’s growing Points of View database has several updates, most notably a new interface, a Guide to Critical Analysis, 61 new topics, and improved navigation. Next week EBSCO is hosting a webinar for educators to learn about these updates, Tuesday, August 13 at 11 am. Register for free here.

Updated Points of View Database Homepage Updated Points of View Database Homepage

Mango Languages is undergoing several major updates this summer. 2 new ESL courses and 12 new foreign language courses are now available, for a total of 17 ESL courses and 60 (!) foreign language courses. The Mango Languages app for Android devices is now formatted for tablets as well, including Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. And Mango Premiere continues to get tons of positive buzz, including a featured spot in the new Language Magazine. They’re also offering up webinars to get a preview of what to expect with Mango Premiere.

EBSCO, Mango Languages, and World Book Updates

EBSCO’s Points of View blog is doing a great job of relating current events with articles & information, encouraging new dialogues and providing tools to begin conversations and debates.


Mango Languages is holding their Mango Star awards, encouraging libraries to produce videos about what may make Mango special. The top entries will receive a donation to the library. Mango is hugely into creative or quirky interpretations, so don’t hold back!


Mango also has a couple video promos for their services, potentially to play on library computers when not in use.  They are also available as a video file instead of Youtube. Leave a comment or email us if your organization would be interested in this service and AskRI will set you up.


World Book Web has embeddable search widgets for each of their databases. The fact that they all provide a different focus is perfect for more specialized websites, or pages within websites.

The AskRI Database Frontier

A handful of our databases added some excellent new features recently, or on the verge of some serious updates.
We have 2 new World Book Web databases: World Book Academic and the Early World of Learning. Academic provides much more in depth and technical information on more specific or specialized subjects. It’s a great place to start building your research, with extensive primary source documents, timelines, and local newspapers from around the world. The Early World of Learning is a new resource in the World Book Classroom series, with educational games, videos, printables, and more for the pre-K crowd.

 Early World of Learning Screenshot

The debut of Mango Premiere is coming in time for the ALA National Conference in Chicago at the end of the month. This is an excellently extensive project with full length films in a number of languages, and interactive subtitles. This is a big deal!


Keep an eye out for “LearningExpress 3.0” – a totally redesigned interface, and some streamlining from as well. More details will doubtlessly follow!