New Films on Mango Premiere

Mango Premiere, Mango’s film-based learning project, released 9 new films for a new total of 16 available. Learners can now practice Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and English for Spanish speakers. This is the biggest expansion of Premiere to date, and it will only continue to grow!

Corpro Celeste Poster
‘Copro Celeste’ is one of the new films from Mango Premiere, geared towards learners of Italian.

3 new films from Mango Premiere!

Mango Languages has added three new films to its Mango Premiere catalog. Little Big Soldier and Ocean Heaven are now available for learners of Mandarin Chinese, and Around a Small Mountain is up for learners of French. Mango plans to keep expanding the Premiere section to over 20 films by the beginning of 2014.

Little Big Soldier Poster

Mango Premiere now available!

Mango Premiere, the long awaited feature of movie learning through film, currently has 4 films available, for learners of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish speaking learners of English. They can be found on the ‘Courses’ page, under ‘Language Learning through Film.’ Mango Premiere gives the viewer total control to break down scenes and subtitles, combining both spoken and written learning. It also brings in cultural notes and quizzes for an in-depth look at the language in the film.