Welcome to the new AskRI.org featured image

Welcome to the new AskRI.org

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. While we have given AskRI.org a facelift we have also been hard at work reorganizing the site, adding some new features, and generally making it easier for our users to access the databases we provide and understand what those databases do.

Database Resource Pages

Previously AskRI.org had information about each database spread out on various site pages. AskRI v2.0 has pulled all of that content together on a page for each database we offer. You can access an information page for each database by clicking the “About” button on each database tile.

If the vendor offers video tutorials we will try to provide them here. We also provide widgets and DIY printable promotional materials (where applicable). All of this, as well as the URL for the database, can be found on each individual database page.

Filter Databases by Type

Do you have a specific project you need information for but you’re not sure what AskRI.org database to use? Try filtering our databases by type. On both the AskRI.org homepage and the resources page we have added navigation that allows users to filter our available databases by type. These categories can help you find the right database for your needs.

Additional Online Resources

Did you know AskRI.org, in addition to the databases we provide, also has a wealth of links to free online tools and resources? We do! That information used to be spread out on various pages around AskRI v1.0. We have now grouped all of that content into easy to use pages organized by topic. You can find those pages in the main menu under “Additional AskRI Resources”. You can also visit Additional AskRI Resources for the complete list and descriptions. If you know of a topic you want AskRI to build out a resource page for please email us and let us know!

AskRI Accounts

For frequent AskRI users, we have an easy way for you to collect all of the video tutorials and promo material you may want to refer to or print. Register for an AskRI user account. Once you are registered, you will be able to save video tutorials and promotional materials to your account page. If you have any issues registering or accessing your account please email us.