World Book, EBSCO, and Mango Languages updates

First off, World Book Web has updated the interface on their homepage, rearranging their lists into a grid of icons. All of the databases are still there, but the site itself is now easier to navigate from a mobile device and has a more engaging design.

EBSCO’s growing Points of View database has several updates, most notably a new interface, a Guide to Critical Analysis, 61 new topics, and improved navigation. Next week EBSCO is hosting a webinar for educators to learn about these updates, Tuesday, August 13 at 11 am. Register for free here.

Updated Points of View Database Homepage Updated Points of View Database Homepage

Mango Languages is undergoing several major updates this summer. 2 new ESL courses and 12 new foreign language courses are now available, for a total of 17 ESL courses and 60 (!) foreign language courses. The Mango Languages app for Android devices is now formatted for tablets as well, including Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. And Mango Premiere continues to get tons of positive buzz, including a featured spot in the new Language Magazine. They’re also offering up webinars to get a preview of what to expect with Mango Premiere.