World Book introduces eBook downloads in the new eBooks app

World Book has recently released a new version of their eBooks app. The app is currently available for Apple (iPhone 6 and above, as well as iPad) and Android devices. Rather than being an update of the previous version of the World Book eBooks app, the new app has been conceived and developed as a replacement and requires you to download it separately.

One of the biggest enhancements the new app provides is the ability to download books from your library to your mobile phone or tablet. This now makes your World Book eBooks library available to you even with limited internet or cellular access. ┬áTo access your downloaded books simply click the menu icon and then “Show Downloaded”.


World Book eBooks - Downloaded content access
Downloaded eBooks makes your library content available to you even with limited connectivity.

The app also rolls in a number of features that extend the content of each book, including highlighting and note taking capabilities, interactive content such as videos and audio, interactive games, and the ability to draw on the screen using your finger of a stylus.


World book app - drawing on screen
World Books drawing on-screen feature.
World Book Highlighting
Highlighting capabilities, allowing you to highlight text for later reference.

Learn more about the app from World Book here.