AskRI chat closed Dec. 24 & 25

AskRI’s online chat service will be closed today and tomorrow. All other online services will remain available, with the exception of, which will be unavailable December 25th. As an early reminder, our chat will also be closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

African American Heritage database now available!



Proquest’s African American Heritage database has great resources for researching African and African American genealogy. Search primary sources including birth, death, and marriage certificates, the federal census, and the Freedman’s Bank records. The AfriGeneas forums connect users to others researching African American genealogy. The AAH database also includes an updated version of Black Genesis, a guide to performing this research by James M. Rose, Ph.D. and Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG.

3 new films from Mango Premiere!

Mango Languages has added three new films to its Mango Premiere catalog. Little Big Soldier and Ocean Heaven are now available for learners of Mandarin Chinese, and Around a Small Mountain is up for learners of French. Mango plans to keep expanding the Premiere section to over 20 films by the beginning of 2014.

Little Big Soldier Poster

Mango Connect

Mango has just announced that on January 15th, they will be launching an updated interface and new features to compliment what they already offer. Mango Connect, as it is called, will offer course placement tests to start users off in the right spot, 20 full length films on Mango Premiere, as well as their visual redesign. Mango is also consolidating their Mango Basic and Mango Complete 2.0 into Mango Conversations, and phasing out Mango Complete 1.0. Their placement tests help users find where to begin their work with Mango. Head over to the Mango Blog for a more detailed look into what Mango Connect offers.

Mango Connect Screenshot

Mango Premiere now available!

Mango Premiere, the long awaited feature of movie learning through film, currently has 4 films available, for learners of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish speaking learners of English. They can be found on the ‘Courses’ page, under ‘Language Learning through Film.’ Mango Premiere gives the viewer total control to break down scenes and subtitles, combining both spoken and written learning. It also brings in cultural notes and quizzes for an in-depth look at the language in the film.

Map Based Search with AtoZ

AtoZ Databases has introduced a new map based search function. It can be used to search for businesses within a user defined area, like a neighborhood, along a driving route, or in a given radius from a point. To use this feature, select a database to search, and under the ‘Geography’ side bar, select ‘Map Based Search’.  Users can define an area in a region, then press ‘Update Count’ to perform a search for those areas. Click ‘Close’ to see the list of businesses which appear within that area, at which point further refinements can also be made.


Map Based Search with AtoZ Databases Define a shape to conduct more specific searches within a zip code.

Full launch of the updated LearningExpress on Nov. 1

October 31st will be the last day to switch over from the previous of LearningExpress to the updated LearningExpress Library 3(also known as LEL 3).  Some of the features that the updated interface includes are the introduction of Learning Centers which reorganize subjects for easier navigation, an improved search function, software tutorials, and a full index of available courses and resources.  Accounts made on the previous version of LearningExpress will not transfer over to LEL 3, so we encourage patrons to finish up their coursework and then create a new account.  For libraries that offer a direct link to LearningExpress, we highly recommend that the link is updated to the following: The current link will not be functional following the full switch to LEL 3 on November 1st.

AtoZ Database Updates

AtoZ Databases recently implemented several minor updates:

Using the ‘Type of Search’ criteria, business owners can now get more specific in their search for Mailing Lists and Sales Leads. Options available to users are:

  • All Records – used for Reference and Research
  • Records with Phone Numbers
  • Records with complete Mailing Address
  • Records that have Phone as well as a Mailing Address
  • Business Descriptions, Email Addresses and Other Enhancements

Over 800,000 records in the business database now have detailed business descriptions.

4 Million Business Executive Emails Addresses are now available on business profiles.

Find a Business now offers users the ability to search for Headquarter locations.