AskRI’s Digital Literacy Program is getting on the road to bring classes on computer basics and digital literacy to libraries across Rhode Island. A three week course with weekly 2.5 hour sessions, classes aim to bring those with little or no experience with computers to a competent level. Library staff are welcome to join so to be able to teach DL classes in the future, and will have access to extra materials including curriculum information and handouts.

Week 1 – Around the mouse and keyboard; introduction to word processing
Week 2 – Continuing word processing, introduction to the Internet
Week 3 – Continuing the Internet, introduction to email

Library requirements

  • Sign-ups will be done at the library by the library staff
  • Library must have at least 4 desktop computers with word processing program and Internet access
  • Must have enough computers for all sign-ups

Digital Literacy Handouts: Printouts and signup sheets for the Digital Literacy course.

Digital Literacy Program Request Form

Please note: Scheduling is dependent on instructor’s availability.

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