Learning Express Explained

  Learning Express Database Explained

Learning Express, an online resource accessed through AskRI.org, is a one-stop shop for practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and other information to enhance school, work or life proficiencies.

While Learning Express offers practice tests for myriad educational exams for students from elementary school through graduate school, such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, LCAT, MCAT, PCAT, GRE, GED and other standardized tests, it also offers services for adults looking to increase their job, career and educational skills. The Learning Express Library provides online access to eBooks, eCourses and eTests for workforce training, professional licensing exams, and adult education.

In the Jobs & Careers section, there are practice tests for a number of occupations, including electrical, plumbing, cosmetology and more. For example, someone interested in a career at T. F. Green or another airport can find Air Traffic Controller information, which includes preparation books and tests. There are Culinary Arts practice test and books on guidance in the culinary career path for those applying to Johnson & Wales University’s Culinary Arts program. Other jobs and career tests include those for Commercial Drivers License, Emergency Medical Services, Nursing, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, as well as the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery for those interested in joining the military.

Many of the Jobs & Careers selections available also offer Career Guidance eBooks designed to provide detailed information about the job category as well as strategies for standing out during the application process. Some career guidance eBooks include information about specific areas of the career such as becoming a border patrol officer; learning about terrorists, weapons, narcotics, smuggled goods and other areas that is beneficial to understanding the job before committing to a career as a member of a police department.

Educational tests and courses are not only for students. Skill building eCourses, eBooks and online practices tests are also available for the adult patron population. This includes tests on subjects such as Math, Reasoning and Science as well as eTest, eCourses, and eBooks designed to help adults improve their Writing and Grammar, Personal Finance and Public Speaking skills. There are even eBooks available to help prepare patrons for taking different standardized tests.

In addition to practice tests and other tools to help patrons improve job skills, Learning Express also offers instruction for Job Search & Workplace Skills that allow adult patrons to access courses and guides for writing, grammar and spelling in a business environment, resume and cover letter writing and tips and tricks for a successful interview.

For additional information and assistance with workforce development alternatives available from AskRI.org, go to the Career Center @ Homework Help from AskRI.org for resume and cover letter templates, job searching, and interviewing guidelines or visit AtoZdatabases which now offers people a search option to find jobs online, powered by Indeed.com.