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Announcing the Winners of the Fall Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks to all the teams who participated in the Fall Scavenger Hunt.

Last week we went through, reviewed all of the answers submitted by each team, and then picked our three winners. Only teams who submitted a response to each question by the stated deadline were eligible to win one of the three prize packs.

We selected the three winners randomly from the pool of teams who completed each question.

And, the winners are…

  1. The Goff Gladiators – led by Cynthia Alexandre
    Prize: A gift card for $200.00 from for classroom resources and materials.
  2. The Rocky Hill School Library team – led by Darshell Silva
    Prize: One of four book sets from World Book. View the book set options here.
  3. The RMS Library Students – led by Christina Ash
    Prize: A complimentary one-year subscription to the eBook K-8 Collection from Ebsco. View the subscription details here. or a representative from World Book or Ebsco will be in touch with the winning teams in the coming days to arrange the delivery of their prizes.

We hope everyone enjoyed playing or following along at home. We were very impressed with the research and hunting skills each team brought to the contest.

Announcing our Fall Scavenger Hunt Contest

This fall is holding a scavenger hunt contest for classrooms and teams in grades K-8. Use online resources to find the answers to 5 questions and your classroom or team will be entered to win one of three classroom resource prize packages!

Starting on November 6th we’ll be posting a question a week to the Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as on this site at Each question can be answered by searching one or more of the free online resources AskRI offers to Rhode Island residents.

Answers to each question will need to be sent to the facebook account via Facebook messenger, or via email to, by the end of the week (Sunday at midnight). One answer submitted per team for each question. Each team that answers all 5 questions will be entered to win one of three classroom resource prize packages. Three winners will be choosen from all teams entered into the drawing.

Prize Packages

  1. A gift card for $200.00 from for classroom resources and materials.
  2. One of four book sets from World Book.Winners of this prize can pick one of the book sets listed below.
    • Possible books sets include:
    • Dinosaurs! book set – 4 volumes grades K – 6
      Dinosaurs! Book set from World Book
    • Animal Lives – 7 volumes grades 2-8
      Animal Lives book set from World Book
    • Young Readers Bundle – 8 books grades k – 2
      Young Readers book set from World Book
    • Learning Ladders – 10 books grades K – 3
      Learning Ladders book set from World Book
  3. A complimentary one year subscription to the eBook K-8 Collection from Ebsco
    • The subscription includes:
    • thousands of e-book titles across all subject areas taught in elementary and middle schools, as well as a selection of teacher resources to support educators and administrators. Read the subscription details here.

Thanks to our generous contest sponsors World Book and EBSCO

World Book logo

Contest Rules

  1. All teams planning to participate in the Scavenger Hunt must register at by midnight, October 31, 2017.
  2. will post a question to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as at on Monday mornings, starting on Monday, November 6th.
  3. Each team will have the entire week to research the answer to the question using an resource. Once your team has an answer please send it to the Facebook account via Facebook messenger (don’t post the answer on our wall). Answers can also be sent via email to
  4. Only teams who answer all 5 questions will be eligible for the prize drawing.
  5. Winners will be announced by Monday, December 18.
  6. Prizes will be delivered by January 8, 2018.

How to send us a message on Facebook

  1. Visit our Facebook page
  2. Below our cover photo, click the button that says “Send Message”. See image below for location of the message button

Facebook Messenger Button placement

If your school blocks access to Facebook you can send your answer to us via email to